Important information about prices and delivery times

Dear Customer

Due to the global scarcity of raw materials, plastics, components, production time etc., prices and delivery times are constantly changing…. and deliveries continue to slow down, jeopardizing the continuity of production and costs of managing this precarious supply situation.

It’s not just a matter of COVID, the pandemic has only accentuated the issue.

Mentioned prices and delivery times are therefore subject to interim changes.

For most suppliers, a price increase has been announced for January 2022.

The prices will automatically be adjusted to the prices of 2022 for deliveries after 01-01-2022.

This applies to current order forms as well as to web orders.

We sincerely hope that this will be a temporary measure and that the negative effects will soon stop, but at the moment we see no signs of a reversal of the trend.

Thanks for understanding.